Champions Modern Jive Workshop

Starts at 12:30pm

1). The Next Step      

Kevin & Aggie will begin with a "Next Step" class with their unique concept style teaching for some fine tuning as they launch into some hot intermediate moves, techniques and styling. ( Medium Hot


  Short break  1:20pm

2). Playtime  1:35pm

Playing within our dancing allows us to really interact and converse with each other on the dance floor.

Kevin & Aggie will go through how to "Shake It"  (technical term) and freestyle individually, as well as in a couple.

Adding musicality and communication when you want to do it. ( Hot )

Lunch  2:30pm 

Includes 15mins Freestyle

Workshop Times

12:30pm till 17:30pm

with lunch and short breaks

Party Night 

8:30pm till 00:30am

3). Creative Styling   3:30pm

A super stylish Modern Jive routine to improve your style not only in a partnership but also individually for both women and men

( yes men... even you manly men.. you too). 

Including dips and drops. ( Extra Hot )


  Short break  4:20pm

4). Tricks & Illusions  4:35pm

Welcome to the Magicians Corner....

A series of cool Intermediate Modern Jive Tricks & Illusions that impress and keep everyone else guessing how you do it. ( Extra Extra Hot ! )

Finish 5:30pm