Dance Connections offers you a unique way to experience many different dance styles, not just one.
Using our MX touch music system.
We hold regular fun social dance events.
During the course of an evening, we give you the opportunity to come and dance to lots of different dance Styles such as Ballroom, Salsa, Tango, West Coast Swing, Lindy hop, Modern Jive, Quickstep and lots more.
Don't take our word for it,
Come and Experience it for yourself.

Our Story

How we started


As dance enthusiasts ourselves, we attended various dance events and quiet often we observed people leaving halfway through the evening, just to go to another event for a different dance style.

So one fine day whilst having a coffee we scratched our heads and thought, what can we do to stop people leaving halfway through the evening and provide music for lots of different dance styles for everyone to enjoy.

This gave us the idea to create our MX touch system, essentially a jukebox system but with a difference, it is set up in dance styles, so now our clientele have complete control of the music and essentially what kind of night it will be, whether it's a full blow ballroom night or a complete mix of dance styles, the power is in your hands. 



Our aim is to bring the dance community together,

in our mind, that's what social dancing is all about.



No dance experience is necessary to come along and have fun at dance connections,

however, if you can't dance at the moment and need a little confidence boost,

why not learn a few moves at one of the classes that we recommend, then join us.